About Trogger and the Team

Troggerpath is the blog for the Trogger development team.  We are a group of entrepreneurs working to build a website that will facilitate more thorough and interesting conversations on line.  Our inspiration comes from our days on the BBS boards of old; we want to find ways to bring back the passion that existed in those communities (and still exists in a handful), while incorporating people’s social networks, giving users the freedom to customize their personal “forum”, and making it all easily searchable.

This blog will follow our trials and tribulations with the start-up world and the 2008/2009 economy, while we work to balance our personal lives and relationships along the way.  This will not only be a blog of advice, but a blog of the life of a starving start-up.

Hope you enjoy!


4 responses to “About Trogger and the Team

  1. Can I get updates, when there is an update? It’s too much to remember to check so many blogs weekly. Do I really work for MS? 😉

  2. I second Mike’s request – make it easy to stay updated!
    Otherwise, if I bump into y’all at coffee shops then the drinks are on me – in the meantime, good luck!

  3. Hey guys – done! Sorry it took so long to get that RSS feed up.

  4. we are looking forward to you new start up ! see you guys at the top

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