Troggerpath – what’s up?

So Tuesday is wrapping up; a day spent fidgeting around with AdobePhotoshop, scanning the competition and noting their strengths and weaknesses, and debating with Raph and Christian about whether to start a blog.  We don’t want it evangelizing the greatness of our work with absolutely nothing to show, nor do we want to appear as ignorant, inexperienced, or unprofessional.  However, we thought it would be interesting to chronicle the development of a new company – from design and development, through adviser and investor meetings, and on to user growth and metric results.

I’m pretty firmly in the camp that having an informal company blog is a must.  It gets content up on our site right away.  It lets our interested beta testers know what is going on.  It informs our past event attendees of what we are working on now.  And it, hopefully, comes to provide helpful information to other startups.  I plan to write little right about the books and blogs I am reading, the information I am gaining at our various meetings, the ways we are solving internal disputes, the methods we are using to measure site growth, and anything else that I hope could be relevant to others (and that I might want to refer back to later.)

First things first, I need to stop being distracted by fun Facebook apps, and start learning more.


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